6 Best Korean Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is quite possibly of the most beguiling city in Canada as well as in North America. Situated along the immaculate St. Lawrence River, the city of Montreal offers the rich taste of different identities. However the city isn’t just known for its Korean cooking, yet Montreal Korean eateries are found all over the place.

Montreal imparts a nearby social association with South Eastern Asian rarities. Today, credible Korean foods offering the flavor of Eastern Asia can be appreciated at the Korean eateries in Montreal. The city offers you a wide variety of Korean eateries to choose from.

Most Korean eateries in Montreal are remarkable showing the rich culture of Korea. They are enriched utilizing the customary Korean plans and plans. Thus, how about we figure out the best Korean eateries in Montreal to partake in the legitimate Korean taste!


Arranged near Maison Bulgogi, Arirang is quite possibly of the most popular restaurant in Montreal serving visitors without msg Korean foods. The rundown of menu incorporates the hot stews, teok-bok-gi, stew comprised of chewy rice cake and fish cake, which are all suitable at a standard Korean toll. Another thing worth-tasting incorporates garlicky hamburger bi bim bap which is presented with vegetables, cut meat and seared egg.

Korea House

The Korea House gives relaxed high end food experience in an open to setting serving visitors brew and wine. Over here you can partake in various genuine Korean dishes like Korean styled noodles, Bulgogi, broiled dumplings, and Jap Tchae provided with a lot of Korean embellishments like salted cucumbers, bean sprouts, garlic stew, kamchi and the sesame oils. For the amusement of the guests, karaoke music is played on the eatery premises.


Atti brings you customary Korean dishes KOREAN RESTAURANT accessible at Korean toll. You will find call buttons and old Korean print stylistic layout at each table for flagging the servers. An upscale and present day feeling, you will find famous dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi brew haemul kimchijeon, and scrumptious hotcakes studded with kimchi and fish pieces all of which requires a great lunch or supper. Most vegans will like the veggie lover tofu stew and yam noodles with vegetables served at this Montreal eatery.

La Maison Bulgogi

La Maison Bulgogi serves a wide assortment of Korean cooking styles at a helpful Korean passage. This little space and negligible style outlet has practical experience in serving marinated meat, bulgogi, hot stews, dol lush bi bim bap, rice, hamburger and vegetables served in steaming hot stone compartment or pot.

Hwang Kum

Hwang Kum is quite possibly of the most outstanding Korean eatery in Montreal serving you the most valid taste of Korean dishes. It offers you simple style and requires a magnificent lunch spot in Sherbrooke road region. Furthermore, the café offers you a bistro styled supper around evening time.

Koko Restaurant and Bar

The Koko eatery and bar situated in Downtown Montreal is one of the most current contestants in the connoisseur scene of the city. This warm and suitable space serves you an assortment of specific varied menu of Asian roused dishes. You can find sushi menu, Asian combination menu of different territorial cooking styles that incorporate Korean foods like Kimchi side dishes and the Korean flavored green beans. Other Asian dishes to search for incorporate Thai claims to fame, Tandoori and Asian dishes.…