Our Guide For Bee Pollen Dosage

What people don’t know is that there is also a right dosage for taking bee pollen, because it is important for people to know the bee pollen dosage if not their life might be at risk.

Some people wish to add more bee pollen to their diet. The best way is to find a raw honey form because it is a complete source of pollens and nutrients that can also be found in other forms of pollen and for raw honey there is no set dosage.

For children, the dosage should start at three to four bee pollen supplement in the morning and make it one half teaspoon a day. Twelve grams of pollen are advisable for children’s age’s three to five, and sixteen grams for age’s six to twelve.

While for adults, it should be one teaspoon daily. For athletes they can take four to six teaspoons a day. For adults to meet the required daily allowance, they should take fifteen to twenty grams or equivalent to one half ounce of pollen supplement, while thirty to thirty two grams are required to strengthen and tone a person’s body. Lastly fifteen to twenty grams is required to maintain good health to adults who RAD 140 cycle are active.

The dosage can be increased to thirty five grams or one ounce equals to twenty grams, depending on the weight, age, and health. Maintain the proper dosage to avoid of lacking the essential amino acids.

People don’t have to worry about toxicity from taking it, because pollens are gathered properly, and require careful processing techniques, like drying, cleaning, and sorting. Since the nutrient content of any given food will be determined by the amount of flavor, the pollen should be selected properly for its quality.

Pollen from the bee tastes bitter to sweet, but it depends on the flower from which it was obtained. To protect its vital qualities it should be kept refrigerated and stored in dry a place at all times. Avoid heating the pollens, because the essential enzymes will be damaged.

Remember that it is best to consume pollen from the bee thirty minutes before meals, especially for people who take pollens to lose excess weight.

Start taking bee supplements with the right dosage to balance all the essential nutrients that enters your body.