Tips For Selecting The Right Cabinet Drawer Slides

Cabinet drawer slides are a vital element of any furniture design. They are one of the most stress-intensive elements of any design, and they’re one of the first to fail if they’re selected badly. Selecting the right option for a particular project will lead to a longer lifespan on the piece in question and better performance in the short term.

Soft Close Drawer Slides

The first option for cabinets is soft close. These basic sliders use a mechanism to ensure that they do not slam shut when closed. Instead, they come to a gentle close, which can lengthen the lifespan of the mechanism itself. These are a good option for any kind of standard project. They don’t require much maintenance, and are easy to install. They are particularly favorable for residential projects and furniture where their delicate close can be observed and appreciated by people who use them every day.

Self Closing Drawer Slides

The self-closing option has applications in residential and commercial cabinetry. If a self-closing model is left open for a length of time, it will automatically draw itself back closed. This is useful in a busy residential setting such as a kitchen, but also has its place in a factory or other industrial environment. This type of slider is also useful for childproofing. Children cannot reach what isn’t open, and self-closing sliders remove the need for parents to constantly worry about cabinets left open accidentally.

Heavy Duty Drawer Sliders

It is rare that a residential application would require the toughness of an lowes drawer slidesĀ  industrial strength slider. These heavy-duty units are designed to hold a lot of weight, and to withstand nearly constant opening and closing. While they are not usually necessary within a residential context, they’re often requested by people who are designing high performance kitchens. In addition, they can be quite useful for a garage or other purpose-built storage space.

Making The Right Choice

The first thing to consider is how the cabinet drawer slides will be used. If they are to be placed in a residential context, then soft close or self-closing models are probably a good starting point. If the intended use is industrial, then heavy duty may be warranted. Next, consider whether appearance is a factor. In residential contexts, the answer is usually yes. In an industrial context, it’s a more difficult question. Some factories may double as display locations or even showrooms. While cabinet drawer slides in this kind of situation don’t have to be stylish, they certainly need to have attention paid to their appearance.